In Republic of Moldova, the polyethylene films is made by "Jomiru I.N." LTD, from Chisinau. The usage and sale of polyethylene produced by "Jomiru I.N." LTD from Moldova, in required fields are preferred, if are observed the norms of the presents technical a specifications.

Analyzing on 23.09.00, characteristics sheet and provided the necessary engineering documentation for technical specifications of “Jomiru I.N.” LTD - Chisinau, concerning to the materials of polyethylene, produced by the company “Jomiru I.N.” LTD, implemented by this company, the specification № 03/03/062 - 2000 in accordance with the technical documents of the Republic of Moldova related to the scope and technical passport issued by the "Cherkon."

1. General Provision
1.1 Description
The materials from polythene foam, produced by the company “Jomiru I.N.” from Moldova, are used in the form of films, plates, pipes, white rods with the possibility of colouring in any colour depending of the customer’s request.
The materials from polythene foam do not emit chemical substances harmful to environment and correspond to Moldova's sanitary code. 1.2.
Defining position

The materials from polythene foam are issued in the certain sizes, in rolls or pieces.
The packaging is accompanied by a label containing the following information:

The producer;
The commercial name;
The production lot number;
The warehousing condition; storage, packing, transportation, weight. Each party will be accompanied by a certificate of quality.

2. Specifications
2.1. Prospective application
The materials from polythene foam, produced by the “Jomiru I.N.” LTD from Moldova, can be used for a thermal protection of walls, inside and outside, roofs, floors, ceilings, ductwork and piping for water with a temperature from -60 to + 115 degrees Celsius.

2.2. The base of use
Physical and mechanical properties of polyethylene were determined by laboratory tests and correspond to the GOST 16381 - 77, operating in Moldova regarding the usage.

2.2.2. Quality
The quality of the materials of the polyethylene- foam is guaranteed by the producer and distributors with the condition of compliance the technology usage and exploitation.

2.2.3. The production and control
Production of polyethylene-foam material is carried by the process of the physical foaming with closed pores.
The production is accompanied by internal control and external periodic monitoring by the authorized organization "Incherk" from Bucharest. The control is carried out according to the conditions and quality control.

The quality assurance steps are: external control;
The quality control of raw materials;
The control during the production process, the control the quality of the final product.
The quality of the material of the foam polyethylene is guaranteed by the producer and distributor with a condition of compliance for transportation, storage and the usage specified by them.

2.2.4. Application
The usage is made in accordance with the technology issued by the producer or distributor, taking into account seismic and climatic conditions of the Republic of Moldova. The usage will be carried out by specialized and qualified entities in this area of work in compliance with specific standards and specifications relating to the area. The failure prevention will be provided by existing standards.

2.3. The list of technical recommendations
2.3.1. Concept
The material of polyethylene-foam, produced by "Jomiru I.N." is conceptually generated according to the following requirements:

Installation of sizes;
Preparation of required materials;
Composing of models
Selection or composing of any structure of the seals, as well as the method of its execution will be carried out according to the specifications of the technical documentation of the production company in this field, and practical norms operating in Republic of Moldova.

2.3.2. The conditions of production
Studying the foam polyethylene, it was established that the production is realized according to the regulations.
- The density is determined according to the GOST 16381 - 77;
- Thermal conductivity, with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, determined in accordance with GOST 16381-77.

2.3.3. Terms of usage
The use of foam polyethylene shall be in accordance with the technical requirements of the producer and taking into account the existing technical documentation in Republic of Moldova.