Use of recycled PE. Industrial and Civil Construction

1. Heat, sound and waterproofing material for roofs, floors, ceilings, walls, doors, as underlay for parquet flooring and wall panels.
2. Heat retaining insulation and protection against corrosion of WS pipes for hot and cold water, heating pipes.
3. Heat retaining insulation of wagons, refrigerators, air conditioners.
4. Necessary material for construction of houses, storages, highways, race tracks, etc.
5. Protective material for underground tank, swimming pools, purification stations.
6. An indispensable material for low level roads, tunnels and bridges. 



Thermal insulation of ventilation ducts and pipes

Raw material for upholstered furniture, leather and shoe wear industries

1. Mats for seats.

2. Weaves and skirting for shoes and bags, etc.
3. Interlay material, packing material for shoes, bags, furniture, etc. instead of paper, bubble film.



 Agriculture and Fishery

1. Thermal protection of green houses and solariums.

2. Float material for fishing and other marine activities.
3. Insulating material for poultry and livestock farms.
4. Thermal insulation of storages for fishery and agricultural products.
5. Individual packaging for fruits and vegetables.


Industrial packaging instead of paper and bubble film

1. Packing material for electrical equipment (TV sets, radio equipment, etc.)

2. Anti-static wrapping material for electronic tool equipment and precise equipment.
3. Packing material for different fragile goods (pottery, porcelain, glass, lab equipment).
4. Packing material for electronic and office equipment.
5. Packing material for musical instruments and their components.
6. Packing and interlay material for different kind of goods.


Sports and Tourism

1. Mats for fighting and gymnastics.
2. Mats for recreation and beaches.
3. Float material for lifebuoys and life jackets.
4. Carcass resilient material for camp mattresses, rucksacks, satchels, sport bags.
5. Covering material for baseball fields.

Cars and Ships

1. Interior lagging (upholstery), seat pads, sealant material for the upholstered cars.
2. Float material for ships.
3. Protection of precise equipment.
4. Rugs used inside.