Technical Certificate

for Foamed Polyethylene (Foamed PE), produced by "Jomiru I.N. " Ltd. Company, Moldova, Chisinau, Vladimirescu 1/2  str., ap. 54, tel. 270388; fax. 545448.

Specialized group No. 5

Fire safety, heating equipment, sound protection, waterproofing and packaging, protection against corrosion and special protection of masonry, plywood and panels, of the Republican Centre for Research and Regulations in Construction " Cercon " represented by О. Caminschii, the first Deputy General Director, by N. Goncearov, Head of Department of New Materials for Construction, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences,  by A. Antonov, Head of Department, having examined the documentation submitted by the private company " Jomiru I.N. ", came to the following conclusions:

Based on test results performed by Moldova Technical University, by Romanian Institute " Incerc " in Bucharest, by Romanian Institute of Chemistry in Bucharest, the characteristics of foamed PE, produced by “Jomiru I.N.” Ltd. Company in Moldova for insulation of walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, water pipes and air ducts of 1150 С temperature, is compliant with the requirements of technical norms and GOST standard 1638 - 77 and are shown in the table:


The producer guarantees the quality of the foamed PE for heat insulation of walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, water pipes and air ducts of t=1150С, in compliance with the applicable norms in Moldova, the physical and technical characteristics are compliant with the requirements of GOST 16381-77 and it is allowed for use in Moldova Republic.